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Why Is There Gray, Gelatinous Material in My Filter? Using Fiber Clear™ Will Help You Get Rid of It.

When disassembling a filter to clean it, there may be a gray gelatinous material in your filter that is a nuisance to remove. This is usually the result of non-compatible chemicals clarifiers, or coagulants added to the water. Fiber Clear is merely filtering those chemicals out of the water. Of course, this adds to your filter loading and a premature backwash.

Additional chemical clarifiers are not needed when using Fiber Clear.

Clarifiers, by nature, agglomerate smaller particles into larger particles.  Avoid these and clarify your pool to 2 microns... naturally.

Many chemical manufacturers will add hidden chemicals into their existing products. Beware of "hidden" clarifiers in pool products; check the label for ingredients.

Additional clarifiers and coagulants are generally not needed in a Fiber Clear pool. If suntan oils accumulate in your pool you can put your pool or spa on a regular program to eliminate these oils from your water. Or, you can use Fiber Blend

Fiber Blend will extend your filter's life by removing the oils before they reach your filter. It will also reduce the scum line on your pool or spa. Fiber Blend also provides filtration down to 2 microns. 

If you inadvertently add clarifiers, expect your next cycle to be shorter since there will be increased loading on the filter.  You may need to disassemble the filter and clean it according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can then add a fresh amount of Fiber Clear into the skimmer with the pump running.

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system