A Cleaner, Easier, Safer Pool and Spa Filtration Media
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Fiber Clear™ Works With Cartridge Filters To Boost The Filtration Performance And Efficiency

Fiber Clear will improve your cartridge filters performance, filtering out particles down to 2 microns. Typically, cartridge filters capture particles down to 20 microns. Using Fiber Clear as a pre-coat will not only protect and prolong the life of your cartridge, but will reduce cleaning time since the

Fiber Clear is now the first line of defense against particulate, suspended metals, and oils. 

Fiber Clear's finer filtration is now removing debris and particulate matter that previously passed through the filter. Because of this, you may initially experience an increase in pressure sooner than usual. Be sure to clean your cartridge according to the manufacturer’s directions. After cleaning, add the appropriate amount of Fiber Clear, based on the filtration area, in square ft. rating of your cartridge. 

Fiber Blend, with oil scavenging enzymes, will preserve your cartridge filter from oils, and lotions, and provide 2 micron filtration.

What effect will Fiber Clear have on my cartridge filter system?

When cleaning your cartridges, you will find that the cartridges will clean up easier since Fiber Clear has become the first line of defense against dirt and oils.

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system