A Cleaner, Easier, Safer Pool and Spa Filtration Media
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How To Get Started With Fiber Clear™

Follow these easy steps for cleaner, clearer water.

1. Start with a clean filter: 

A. Sand Filters: Backwash the filter

B. Cartridge Filters: Clean your cartridge filter thoroughly and reassemble

C. Diatomaceous Earth Filters: Break open the D.E. filter and remove all of the old D.E. Inspect the grids / septum for any tears or holes and replace as necessary

2. Turn on the pool pump, noting the reading on the pressure gauge. This is your "clean filter" pressure. Add Fiber Clear directly into the skimmer.

3. When pressure gauge registers 10 psi above clean filter pressure, it is time to backwash or clean your filter. 

4. After cleaning, put your filter back online and replenish the with the same amount of Fiber Clear.






When you first switch to Fiber Clear, you may have this experience. This is normal. The reason is Fiber Clear filters finer than D.E. Diatomaceous Earth filters between 4 to 5 microns. Fiber Clear filters down to 2 microns. Therefore, Fiber Clear is trapping all the debris and particulate matter that was before passing though the traditional filter media. You are really clearing and cleaning the water. Fiber Clear is doing its job. You may need to backwash again within 4 hours, as you convert your pool water to 2 micron quality. Once your water is accustomed to the finer filtration, you will experience about the same length of time, or longer,  between backwashes as you experienced with D.E.

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system