A Cleaner, Easier, Safer Pool and Spa Filtration Media
Accept No Substitutes

Fiber Clear™ Actually Cleans Up What D.E. and Other Traditional Filtration Systems Have Left Behind.

When you first switch from Diatomaceous Earth to Fiber Clear, expect your first cycle to be somewhat shorter than normal. This is due to the fact that Fiber Clear filters down to 2 microns and D.E. filters only to 5 microns. This means that debris and particulate matter that has been passing through the D.E. filter is now being removed from your pool. When system pressure reaches approximately 10 psi above "clean filter" pressure, backwash the filter and add the same amount of Fiber Clear that you added initially. Your filter cycles should return to normal after one or two cycles and you will have a 2 micron Fiber Clear pool.

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system