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Do Not Mix Fiber Clear™ with Diatomaceous Earth And What Steps To Take If You Do

Fiber Clear is not compatible with Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) or other alternative filtration media. D.E. by nature, does not backwash fully from the pool filter. Adding Fiber Clear to a filter already containing D.E. will most likely result in a premature increase in system pressure. The system pressure is caused by adding an adding layer of filter cake on top of the existing D.E. covering the filter grid.

Steps to optimize your filter:

• Open the filter

• Clean out all D.E.

• Inspect the grids, D.E. fingers, or septum for tears

  • Check your O-rings to insure they are not nicked, cracked, pinched or otherwise compromised

• Return the filter to the service position and add the appropriate amount of Fiber Clear to the pool skimmer with the pump running

You should never mix Fiber Clear with other media, such as D.E. Before adding Fiber Clear, you should clean your filter and D.E. filter internals thoroughly, as instructed by the manufacturer of your particular filter. Mixing Fiber Clear with D.E. and/or other filtration media can cause reduced performance to your filter system.

Refer to dosage charts for filter type and bag sizes in the technical information download section and of the brochure download section of the website. 

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system