A Cleaner, Easier, Safer Pool and Spa Filtration Media
Accept No Substitutes

With Fiber Clear™ For Diatomaceous Earth Systems, There Is No Reason to Keep Exposing Yourself To The Hassels Of D.E.

Fiber Clear beats Diatomaceous Earth in every aspect possible. It’s cleaner than D.E., greener than D.E., safer than D.E., easier than D.E., and filters better... all this for the about the same price as D.E.

Banish cumbersome D.E. and replace with a better filtration solution....Fiber Clear, a pure cellulose filtration media. A natural, organic hardwood based material that is extremely fine and made to filter pool water to incredible levels of clarity. Here’s what Fiber Clear can do for you:

  1. Fiber Clear totally replaces Diatomaceous Earth in your D.E. filter.
  2. Fiber Clear provides superior water clarity.
  3. Fiber Clear filters particles down to 2 microns vs. 5 microns for DE (Diatomaceous Earth does not effectively filter algae spores that are 4 microns.) After algae is killed by algaecides and sanitizers, D.E. can't quickly clean out dead the algae spores in the water - which causes cloudy water. Fiber Clear can clean out those nasty algae spores in just a few hours.
  4. Fiber Clear is environmentally safe and non-toxic.
  5. Fiber Clear keeps your pool sparkling clear – giving the water a “polished” look.
  6. Backwashes easier and more completely than diatomaceous earth. D.E. doesn't backwash out of your filter as well as Fiber Clear. 
  7. Faster backwash saves water and chemicals.

Fiber Clear is available at better swimming pool product stores everywhere and through your local swimming pool service professional. It is made and packaged in the USA.

Click on this link: "Figuring Out Fiber to read a great magazine article on the use of fiber as a filtration media for pool filters. This article targets the "DO's and DON'T's" for replacing diatomaceous earth with Fiber Clear.  The article is written by Gene Fields, the founder of Fiber Clear. 


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Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system