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Filter “Clogging” Is Really Fiber Clear Filtering Out Other Materials

Initially, when switching to Fiber Clear, your first cycle will be somewhat shorter. This is natural, as Fiber Clear is filtering out minute particles more efficiently than your old filter. If, after the first few cycles, your filter is experiencing short cycles, check for the following causes:

Verify you are using the proper amount of Fiber Clear for your filter size and type. (Refer to dosage charts for D.E., Sand and Cartridge filters, based on your bag size. 9 oz., 3 lbs., 7 lbs., or 25 lbs.)

After backwashing, add a new charge Fiber Clear directly into the skimmer, with the pump running.

Clarifiers may be present in your pool water. Using clarifiers with Fiber Clear is not recommended. Clarifiers tend to "gum up" filters and can result in premature filter loading, shorter filter runs and more frequent cleaning. 

Fiber Clear clarifies your pool water.....naturally.

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system