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Ultimate Pool Guy - How to Clean a DE Swimming Pool Filter


Tripptree Pool And Spa Uses Fiber Clear

Video – A professional pools service provider swears by Fiber Clear. Cameron Tsang of Tripptree Pool and Spa in Coarsegold, CA highly endorses Fiber Clear. Especially with pools that have an algae problem, Cameron says Fiber Clear clears up the algae right away. He is a strong supporter of the filtering power of Fiber Clear, especially over Diatomaceous Earth. It’s easier to use. Safer to use.

Tack Sharp Water Clarity

Video – Pros Love Fiber Clear
Fiber Clear delivers “Tack Sharp” water clarity. Robert Dundon, the owner of Clarity Pool Service in Pleasant Hill, California, is a big advocate of using Fiber Clear instead of diatomaceous earth.

Fiber Clear Demonstration by Gene Fields

The miracle of Fiber Clear, as demonstrated by Gene Fields, the founder and inventor of the safest, most effective pool filtration media. Gene shows how Fiber Clear can immediately clear up cloudy pool water with a demonstration in a specially built plexiglass pool filter. You will see that Fiber Clear works faster and cost less than diatomaceous earth, a known carcinogen.

How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water By A Swimming Pool Pro

Video – Pros Love Fiber Clear

Swimming pool professionals know how to clear cloudy pool water. Many pros use Fiber Clear instead of Diatomaceous Earth to immediately clear up cloudy pools. According to these pros, they can please and amaze their swimming pool clients in a matter of hours. Plus, they are no longer exposing themselves or their clients to dangerous to the dangerous carcinogens found in Diatomaceous Earth.

Pros Love Fiber Clear – Video Testimonial

Video – Pros Love Fiber Clear

Diatomaceous Earth vs. Fiber Clear

From: http://www.troublefreepool.com/de-vs-fiber-clear-t43331.html



I am asking for forum input on the age old discussion of D.E. vs. Fiber Clear.

I bought a house that has a really nice pool set up. But poor maintenance, bad turn over and system age will make things more difficult but well worth it in the long run. I have replaced the old SWG with a new one and have not turned it on as there was nothing really done to the pool to winterize it. So it needs some special care offered by reading the articles here and asking questions. I hope to be trouble free and still as enthused after this initial start up.

So I started the D.E. filter so I could ensure it runs and it does. Pressure started at 19 and overnight went to 25. Time to backwash, clean and add D.E. So when I do start the official “opening?” I will have checked the parts and then I can make a dent into chemistry. 

So back to the real question. Does anybody use or recommend Fiber Clear?


Fiber Clear is a brand name for a cellulose based D.E. substitute. Quite a number of people on the forum use the cellulose based product. The general consensus is that it is just as good for filtering. However, there is some variation in opinions on relatively minor issues. For example, some find it slightly easier to backwash and others find it slightly more difficult to backwash.

There’s nothing like getting a recommendation from a friend. Looking for a barber, you can trust a friend (especially if they have a good haircut.) Same thing goes in the pool business. Take a look below and make up your own mind about which pool filtration media you should use.

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system