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Three Great Products from Fiber Clear: The Leader in Safe, Natural Pool and Spa Filtration

How to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water

Fiber Start™. The Best Way to Start the Pool Season for Any Type of Pool Filtration System

Use Fiber Start for seasonal start-ups and high particular loading (10 micron filtration.) Great for reducing particulates that form during and after pool construction or replastering. Click here to download the Fiber Start brochure: Fiber Start 

Fiber Blend™. The Safest Way to Eliminate Tile Scum, Without Additional Chemicals.

Fiber Blend is specifically formulated to reduce tile scum by attacking the oils that cause it. Don’t use harmful chemicals. Get 2 micron particle filtration + control body oils, suntan lotion and cosmetic residue in pools and spas. Excellent for keeping cartridge filters clean and reducing oil buildup on your filters. (For commercial applications, the enzyme stays in the water for up to 15 days, alternate Fiber Blend and Fiber Clear using Fiber Blend one of every fourth charge.)  Click here to download the Fiber Blend brochure: Fiber_Blend

Fiber Clear™. The Original! Accept No Substitutes. The Natural Alternative to Diatomaceous Earth.

Now you can use safer and more efficient pool filtration media and have a cleaner, clearer and more vibrant appearance to your pool and spa. Click here to download the Fiber Clear brochure: Fiber-Clear_instructions

The Fiber Clear family gives you the control you need over your pool’s appearance while eliminating the health hazards of Diatomaceous Earth. All provided with affordability and ease-of-use.


Finer Filtration

Fiber Clear's flitration capabilities are TWICE as effective as Diatomaceous Earth. By filtering your pool water to eliminate particles down to 2 microns, you are doubling your filtration system’s effectiveness since Diatomaceous Earth only filters to 5 microns. With Fiber Clear, your pool water will dance and sparkle like a diamond!

Cost Effective

Fiber Clear presents cost savings over Diatomaceous Earth in four major areas:

  1. Less media – you will use far less Fiber Clear in comparison to Diatomaceous Earth, (approximately one sixth the amount in comparison to D.E.)
  2. Less work – Fiber Clear requires less maintenance, less backwashing, less filter cleaning and less labor time.
  3. Less water – Fiber Clear reduces the water used for backwashing by 40% compared to Diatomaceous Earth.
  4. Less chemicals – In fact, you can eliminate your reliance on clarifiers and coagulants, saving time and money.



Fiber Clear is made from a renewable resource – Pure Virgin Wood Pulp. Fiber Clear is of food grade quality and is present in many commercial food products as ‘insoluble fiber’. Fiber Clear has the FDA designation of GRAS, Generally Regarded As Safe.   Your pool filtration is much safer for you, your family, your customers, and the planet!


Fiber Clear is being used in hundreds of thousands of pools throughout the world. Since 1992, pool and spa owners have enjoyed clearer, cleaner, safer water. The acceptance of Fiber Clear products by service professionals and pool owners can be seen in on-line testimonials. Just ask any Fiber Clear user and you will get a taste of how enthusiastically our products have been embraced and adopted.

Fiber Clear has developed cellulose media to work in all types of swimming pools and spa filters: vacuum and pressure grid, (Diatomaceous Earth type,) cartridge and sand, in both commercial and residential services, for aquaculture filtration, aquariums, and water parks. Our knowledge base has developed with the contributions and expertise of pool and spa service professionals, site managers and homeowners. Through extensive laboratory development and years of field testing, the Fiber Clear professionals produce the most effective pool filtration products on the market today. 

No Chemicals

By using Fiber Clear to remove minute particles which traditionally have passed through filtration systems, your pool water will not need harsh chemicals that contain polymers or clarifiers. Fiber Clear products address the problems that Diatomaceous Earth, cartridge and sand filters cannot fix without chemical aids. These problems include algae spore elimination, TSS (Total Suspended Solids,) insoluble calcium hardness, suspended metals, oil loading. By using Fiber Clear products in place of Diatomaceous Earth, and as a filter aid for cartridge and sand filtration, your water is filtered to a much higher level.

Now you can enjoy swimming in clear, clean, sparkling water.

Non Abrasive

Fiber Clear is easier on pool and spa equipment. Unlike Diatomaceous Earth, Fiber Clear is non-abrasive, and easier on filter and pump components. Your equipment will last longer and will perform better.

Fiber Blend is a unique combination of Fiber Clear and an oil scavenging enzyme. With Fiber Blend, you get Fiber Clear’s great filtration, while reducing your pool’s unsightly tile scum line. Fiber Blend reduces body oils, suntan lotions, and cosmetic residue, and assists in keep your satisfaction high and your pool maintenance low. Fiber Blend is the perfect solution for commercial pools and pools with high bather loading, I.e., therapy pools, water parks and canine therapy pools.

Fiber Start, a 10 micron product, is a coarser grade of Fiber Clear and is used for seasonal start-ups as an initial filtration aid to increase filter cycles. Fiber Start is also used to clear up newly constructed pool. or pools that have been replastered.

Fiber Clear for Pool filtration system
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